Carmen Winant

United States (1983)
Grand Prix Images Vevey

All members of the jury were impressed with Carman Winant’s book proposal Arrangements, and pleased to award it the Images Vevey Book Award.

Jury Statement

“This new project draws on Winant’s collection of close to 2000 intact sheets of paper which the artist has ripped from books and stored in her studio over a period of several years. A journey into the archive, this book promises an exploration of formal structure, primarily using material drawn from commercially reproduced imagery. One formal innovation that impressed jury members was Winant’s enlargement of the scope of a collaging practice by using intact sheets or larger fragments that already embedded combinations of their own; she is exploring, in other words, the possibilities of juxtaposing found juxtapositions.

Arrangements signals a shift in Winant’s practice, moving her from her typical deconstructing and reworking of images to a more formally restrictive approach of editing recontextualized content. Her practice situates her as an inheritor of the insights of the “pictures generation,” but by retaining the original full page object and seeking sequences directed by sensibility, she makes an original and promising contribution to contemporary photographic practice.”

Biennale Images Vevey

Carmen Winant’s artwork involves diligently collecting images and experimenting with collage techniques which she then uses to investigate the dynamics of ‘feminist survival and revolt’. With her innovative Arrangements project, the Laureate of the Images Vevey Book Award 2021/2022 rearranged entire pages taken from magazines or artists’ books. Drawing from a collection of over 2000 pages, she assembled them in pairs according to a shared topic or form, or at random. Carmen Winant reveals their content in a surprising way, with new editorial purposes in mind. Placed side by side, these torn pages shape new relational narratives.

This artist presents her project Arrangements with an eponymous exhibit in Le Salon of L’Appartement – Espace Images Vevey an area usually assigned to spotlighting a book and also outdoors on Avenue Paul-Cérésole.

You can purchase the book published by Editions Images Vevey and SPBH on the online shop.