Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard an extraordinary bus transformed into a work of art on the move!

The VMCV (Vevey-Montreux-Chillon-Villeneuve public transport operator) and Images Vevey are joining forces for the third time in a row to present remarkable artwork. The Swiss artist Nicolas Polli has created an interactive visual journey specifically for the Images Vevey Visual Arts Biennial, from 7 to 29 September 2024.

A banana grin, a spirit level for a fire engine, a giant snail brushing its teeth… For this itinerant exhibit, photographer and graphic designer Nicolas Polli puts a humorous spin on familiar objects. He carefully arranges the various elements, toying with their size, and superimposing and interweaving them to create an absurd motley composition.

Specifically devised for the Images Vevey Visual Arts Biennial, this project drew inspiration from fashion, product design, and advertising. It rethinks the conventional use of a bus, making it a means to promote art too. Nicolas Polli’s light-hearted and lyrical images reinterpret everyday objects, giving them new guises that transform their original function.

By taking things out of context, Sorry if I stole your place reshapes reality to make way for imagination. Embark on a voyage through unexpected images!

Sorry if I stole your place will be running until 29 September, giving passengers the chance to discover some of the exhibits at the Images Vevey Visual Arts Biennial while sitting comfortably in the bus. Watch out for the QR codes as they may reveal a few surprises!


To continue this artistic journey, hop off the bus at La Becque to see the artwork One Bed, Two Blankets, Seventy-Six Rules by Sabine Hess and Nicolas Polli, presented in the gardens of the La Becque Artist Residency throughout the Images Vevey Biennale 2024.